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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to rent a unit?

To rent a unit you need to fill out a contract with information such as name, address, home phone, cell number, e-mail address, place of business w/ phone numbers, drivers license or California ID. Also an additional contacts information in the case we can't get a hold of you at the main number.


The storage application is a legal document that, by signing, you recognize and will follow the rules outline therein and are aware of fees, termination of contract and the auction of goods when rent is not paid.

Do you send out invoices for payments?

We do not send out invoices through the mail but we do through the automated email system. Just provide us with an email address and we send out invoices 7 days before the due date.

Late Payment Warning

We try and keep up with late payments for those who do sometimes forget their due date and try to help you avoid late charges by giving a courtesy call. It is helpful that you notify us of any address and/or phone number changes because the fee can only be waived the day it goes on.

Do you provide storage Insurance

We don't provide storage insurance. It is up to the customer to supply their own insurance to protect their items and vehicles. We do carry applications for TENANT ONE (a third party insurance company) who does provide storage insurance.

Weather and Pests

We can not control the weather or pests and we try to maintain the units as much as possible against leaks and spray for bugs every few months.

If I move out early, can I get some money back?

No we don't prorate monthly rate per contract

One month minimum rental

If you know what day you want to move out you can do a scheduled move-out w/ payment so no late fees will apply. If you do not move out by the day of the scheduled move out, the balance of the rent will be applied and any late fees that may have acquired from due date of rent (if applicable) will be applied. Making partial payments does not stop the late fees from going on.

example: If rent is due on the 1st and you made a scheduled move out w/payment for the 15th but you don't move out till the 17th, a late fee is applied because the rent was not paid in full on the 1st for the whole month, plus the charge for the 16th-17th.




$52.41 TOTAL DUE

What are the Fees?

Move In - $10 administration. 1st month only

Late Fees (9 days after Due Date) are as followed

5 x 5s, 5 x 10s, RVs   $10

10 x 10s up to 10 x 25s    $15

10 x 30s and larger   $20

Pre-Lien notice (9 days after Late Notice)   $5

Lien notice (9 days after Pre-Lien Notice)   $5

Inventory of unit (9 Days after Lien Notice)   $25

Auction (advertised in paper) (60 Days Late)  $45

Dumping (leaving items in the unit)   $50

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